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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 4, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good evening, i'm larry beil. breaking nice is in oakland, fire department has been called out to the 500 block of hyde street. we understand that has become a police staging area what may be a possible hostage situation. it started in the last hour or or so.
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we'll bring you any more information as soon as it develops. >> three people are expected to be okay have a downed electrical live wires fell in the downtown area. traffic is finally back to normal after the area was shut down for more than three hours. shortly after 4:00 this afternoon, wires from a muni bus broke off and fell onto the street. three people were hospitalized including a woman who was behind by the wires. market street was closed as was a part of fifth street. everybody is back up and running smoothly. >> on to politics, hours before we go to the polls. a new report reveals exactly how much a few big donors have spent to influence california's elections. this according to a media partner, a non-partisan project forcenter of investigative reporting. more from nannette miranda in sacramento. >> reporter: california watch
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called them rain makers, elite club of people and special interest groups influencing elections with their checkbook. it's on the state's top political donors spent over a billion dollars over the last decade, biggest spender is california teachers association, $118 million. farma doled out $17 million and pg&e donating almost $67 million. >> it's been that much because th are getting something in return this is buying them access and influence. they won't be spending this money. >> all three of the top donors defend their spending. some teachers say it's the way to get their viewpoint across and educate voters. >> i'm strong on unions. >> farma says they must advance patient care to keep the u.s. competitive. pg&e points out, $46 million of
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the $67 million it spent was just proposition 16, making it harder for public agencies to enter the power business. prop 16 lost but the company still makes political donations. >> they think it's pore that their viewpoint and concerns of our customers and employees and our shareholders are all remitted. >> despite the pg&e loss, big money didn't mean victory every time. hollywood producer steven bing spent $50 million topping the california watch list of individual voters for a measure to pass big oil to fund alternative energy and he lost. still the campaign elite they almost got their way with the top hundred donors giving five times as much to winning candidates as they did to the losers. 55 cents ever dollar went to
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initiatives that won. some were contributing to both candidates in the same race but different parties. >> to hedge their bet. regardless of who wins they have the influence. >> the one thing you do have is a vote. that is important to xu are a ballot in every election. in sacramento, nannette miranda, "abc 7 news." now, she messaged the burlingame teachers association found to be the biggest donor, second and third largest is former ceo of univision and a wealthy stanford scientist. we have the full report at >> late today the justice department announced it is sending monitors to alameda county to look out for possible voter discrimination. it's not clear why but it may have something to do with the new rules in its elections, rules that are now tomorrow to early voters and changes that will lead the change in the
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polarized political landscape. mark matthews explains. >> reporter: outside this store most voters knew very little about the top tier system. >> no, i don't. what do you mean? >> reporter: many of rest don't like it. >> i don't like it. i like it the old way. >> just a few people. i don't think it does any good. >> i think we should be given all the choices, not just the top whatever two. >> reporter: here is the deal. on the primary ballot, california voters will get all the choices, every candidate running for particular office lob the ballot. two candidates that get the most votes will meet in november. >> the people who are being affected by the top two aren't the voters, they are the candidates. >> what it has done, it has forced candidates to reach out
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to voters who normally would not be contacted, independent voters to try democratic candidate is running for congress against incumbent pete stark. >> it's meant more work and more shoes for doors that we have knocked out. >> swallow has a big hurdle to overcome. pete stark has been in congress for 40 years and people know him >> under the traditional system we would have been confident and faced off the republican in general. >> reporter: under the top two system, he will likely face a fellow democrat in november. >> in this particular election for this district i think it helps our opponent. >> a political analyst says it will take a couple election
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cycles before we know how voters respond but at a time stark's congressional district. 27% of the voters are registered republicans, not enough to elect a republican member of congress but if they got behind one democrat or the other, certainly enough to make a difference. mark matthews, abc7 news. here is reminder, stay with us at 9:00 for the latest election coverage and results. you can also go to for continuous up to the minute returns as soon as the polls close. we'll tweet results throughout the night and follow us on twitter. >> new details in the sexual assault accusations against pablo sandoval. we know there was a meeting in a bar on thursday night. that stretched into friday morning. from there was a he said, she said kind of story.
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he is playing tonight for the single a team and karina rusk has the latest. >> sheriff investigators say the woman accusing pablo sandoval of sexual assault was with sandoval and small group of people thursday night at club in downtown santa cruz, they confirm this is where the third baseman was hanging out before he left early friday morning. >> he was downtown in a small group along with her. though went to the resort in aptos. >> more than just the two of them? >> correct. >> the 21-year-old claims it took place at sea scape resort in aptos and reported it 4:25 friday morning. >> she contacted at an undisclosed location in santa cruz. she was not at the resort when we spoke to her. >> they contacted had him and he drove his porsche to the office
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and he is fully cooperating with them. his attorney issued a statement, he voluntarily met with the sheriff's department rae89d to consensual personal relationship that took place on that day. yesterday, the slugger had this brief comment. >> i know i guys going to ask about this question. the process is going on so i can't talk about it. >> reporter: today the accusations are generating a lost opinions in downtown santa cruz. >> it happens to so many women it goes unreported, so i believe the woman until otherwise. >> if it was consensual, the girl is going for his money. >> sheriff's office will not comment in f alcohol consumption is part of the investigation and is not saying they are reviewing surveillance video but they are
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examining all the evidence. >> once it is all collected. it will be processed and then forwarded over to the d.a.'s office. >> pablo sandoval is playing with the san jose giants? stockton tonight and could be back with the san francisco giants on friday the same day sheriff's investigators hope to turn the case over to the district attorney. onto the weather a rare june storm caused some serious problems. today's rain believed to be a factor in this collision between a car and pickup truck in pittsburg. four people were hurt. investigators say they had to rescue people trapped inside the car. pickup driver was not hurt. and harding park, a tree came down on the golf course but it did not stop them from playing on. quite a few people were surprised by the rain. two women shared one umbrella.
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one person used her a bike helmet. another guy was using a newspaper. one person with a jacket. another using a notebook. everybody trying to stay dry, if only they had listened and heeded the warnings of spencer christian who joins us with an update and look at live doppler 7-hd. you told us! >> thank you for pointing that out. let me tell you what is happening. you can see that the rain is essentially ended here in the bay area. there are a few spots of moisture so there could be a few scattered isolated showers overnight. in the sierra there was snow earlier tapering off to a few scattered snow showers. rainfall totals, not so impressive like san rafael with .02 inch. 0.2 at half moon bay.
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.13 in san francisco. .15 in san jose but these are not likely to increase overnight only a couple scattered showers ahead. so is it still january or june or can we expect some true pre-summer-like weather? yes, we can. coming up, an emotional day in court. >> let him stay there the rest of his life. >> a san francisco woman addresses the convicted xirl of her husband and two sons gunned down in a case of mistaken identity. >> starbucks going on a spending spree and swallows up a company. keeping g g
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back to breaking news that startearted our newscast. a possible hostage situation. we understand a suspect fired a gun at deputy with the alameda county sheriff's department. this happened at 40th avenue at east 18th street. fire department has been called out to 500 block of hyde street. we understand th is staging area for what may be a hostage situation. we have a reporter en route and we will bring you more information at 9:00 or 11:00.
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>> san francisco family spoke out in court for a man convicted of three members of the bologna family. edwin will ra most will have to wait until next week to find out how much time he will spend time in prison. vic lee reports there was not a dry eye in the courtroom. >> it wasn't about him. it was about a relief of pain that i've been holding for four years. >> those four years of pain that tortured danielle bologna the wife and mother of the victim came out with a fewery ri in the courtroom. with her hands shaking. at times weeping. bologna still spoke in a strong voice, looking directly at edwin ra practice most, i lost my family and our house and all the memories we sharedn our home. my pain iss so deep you can't imagine. she held up family pictures of her husband tony and two sons.
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they were some of the same pictures she showed us when we interviewed after ramos was convicted. bologna wanted ramos and see and feel what he took away from her. >> even when i showed the picture of son, that is when he put his head down like it was real. he looked up, no emotion. it was callous cold. >> the 14-year-old daughter and sister of the victims got up and spoke. she talked sadly how much she missed her father and brothers. i hate you with all my heart, she said and know that your daughter will know that her father is the murderer. >> ed walsh expressed condolences but still maintained
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his innocence. >> i didn't do it. hopefully one day -- >> all of the pictures we showed you of the bologna family was given by danielle that felt comfortable they would not jeopardize her safety. the judge intends to sentence him to life. he delayed the sentencing so his lawyers can file a request for new trial. san jose water company officials are defending a proposal fol increase water rates by as much as 44% over the next three years. california public utility commission had a special hearing. it will be higher if the company gets the okay. conservation efforts have cut into the earnings so they need to increase rates to keep up with the high cost of service. >> big deal for a san francisco
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company. a company has been sold to starbucks for $100 million. if they get approval. there will be laboulange goods in every starbucks pastry cases in the country. love it when you say french, right? the weather, we don't know. >> i forgot, but it's wet. >> the french is concluded for tonight. >> here is wide view in english from our high definition east bay camera in emeryville. there is still a little bit of a bright glow in the sky there. things are mainly dry around the bay area. here is a look at our live doppler 7-hd radar image. we have a few green specks around the ocean, but no
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measurable rainfall. around the bay area right now, temperature readings are pretty uniform low to mid 50s and winds are still a bit brisk but not gusty as they were earlier in the evening and late afternoon. wind advisory has been cancelled, but we do have gusts up to 21 miles an hour. 20 mile-an-hour gusts and 22 mile-an-hour gusts at novato. this is what is coming our way, isolated showers overnight. clearing and breezy conditions on tuesday and warmer days ahead on wednesday and thursday. satellite shows the cold front that brought us today's stormy weather. it's pushed well to the east, out over the sierra. we still have patches of moisture behind the front as you can see. for that reason we are saying there is a slight chance of showers tonight. forecast in the sierra 11:00, overnight we'll still see a
9:21 pm
chance of a little light snow showers around the 6,000 foot elevation. we do have a winter weather advisory until 5:00 tomorrow morning for the central sierra. we could see four inches above 6,000 feet. this may impact travel on highways 80 and 50 but doesn't look major. bay area, partly cloudy, few patches of moisture around. low temperatures in the 40s to right around 50. tomorrow, sunny skies, breezy again, pleasant day, high temperatures generally in the mid 60s around the bay. upper 60s to low 70s and mild inland locations. similar highs around monterey and highs in the upper 60s to right around 70 inland at gilroy. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast, warming up a bit on wednesday and thursday with high temperatures inland around 80-82 degrees.
9:22 pm
low 60s around the coast. cool down on friday and saturday but warm up again on sunday and monday. it will dry seven days ahead. temperatures are still below average for this time of the year but certainly not cold but on the low end of mild. >> but pleasant in any language. >> exactly, pleasant. >> are you sure? >> not a lot of confidence there. let's move on. top doctors wanted you to look at this. his face has a warning that could affect everybody. life on mars getting people on to live on the red planet and funding it by making the whole thing a reality tv show. thing a reality tv show. abc7 news at 9:00 will be right must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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single picture says it all. you can keep the car window up but you can't get out of the sun rays. he spent 26 years on the road. one side of his face, the other side is smooth and relatively wrinkle free. most skin cancers occur on the sides of body that receive the most sun exposure. >> what happens when you combine a nobel winning physicist, creator of big brother and company obsessed with mars? how about a reality show on the creation of the first human colony on the red planet. ♪ >> mars 1 will establish a colony on mars in 2023.
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>> we'll see. they plan to send four people to the planet by 2023 hoping to reach 20 people by 2033. it's expected to start next year when the future astronauts are selected. the public will help choose the team. reality tv show, reality tv show with no ending and the whole world watching. good luck with that. high school prank that crossed the line and why may keep east bay seniors from graduating. >> the government for whatever reason can't for a while operate these parks, we're willing to step up. they have stepped up in a big way. see what an organization has done to keep a state park open for you to enjoy. united states targets one of the most dedicated enemies, it could be the greatest gain since
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this is lesson students won't forget. seniors in brentwood thought they were going to have fun with paint and an animal. school administrators were not amused at all. >> marcos says he was among 80 seniors that participated in a prank that crossed the line from harmless fun to serious vandalism. >> we didn't think it was too harmful. we knew it was just paint.
9:32 pm
>> they said not graduate. he provided these pictures showing the senior antics last thursday night. a small group took a step further by chaining up a ram. >> they crossed the line. >> the principal says he has identified 25 of the students that participated. many received 35-day suggestion pensions which means they can't take the final exam and that could jeopardize their graduation. >> assigned to those that have been identified as being involved. >> others things the consequence of having clean up after themselves over the weekend was enough. >> it doesn't fit the crime. it's washable paint on the ground. they even offered to clean it up and they did. >> they should be able to graduate. >> that is really tough for me.
9:33 pm
as a parent i can't imagine my kid going all year and making a mistake at the end. >> they were harmless kids. they didn't hurt nobody. >> to add insult to injury, there was a second incident last night. members of a entire class spray-painted all over the windows here, that wasleaned up by the end of the day as for the students suspended, many of their parents will be meeting with the principal tomorrow afternoon. laura anthony, abc7 news. the if it was hard to find a cab this morning in san francisco, here is why. dozens of drivers were participating in a cab caravan to lombard street. they were protesting what they call unfair rules and regulations including a small fee that adds up quickly in an increasingly cashless business. >> making drivers pay the processing fee for credit cards. that is not fair.
9:34 pm
this is something the cab companies should be picking up. >> many of those drivers say they will air their grievances tomorrow at a meeting of the board of directors where taxi regulations top the agenda. special park in marin has a new lease on life tonight. fund-raising help save china state camp park. as wayne freedman tells us it's a lot more than a recreational area. >> reporter: for one year, ticking of this clock has had a symbolic value. it tells the story of this snack bar, centerpiece where time stands still. china camp state park. >> frank quan is as much as part of the park as the buildings. he is the last resident what used to be a fishing village.
9:35 pm
his people has occupied this same house in the park since 1890. state oth the snack bar he rinse. imagine frank's concern when he learned that china camp would close to save $340,000 dollars from california's budget. >> where you would have gone? >> that is a good question. >> one that now appears to have a happy ending thanks to a community that wouldn't give up. >> i want to do something but i didn't know i was getting in to. >> he first fell in love with the camp because of its trails. the thought of this all this beauty behind lock and keys inspired him to form friends of china camp. they are 800 strong now, including steve deering. >> i think it says other government is failing us and we as citizens need to make our
9:36 pm
voices heard. >> reporter: the $250,000 they need to keep this open, if they don't raise it, the battle isn't over, it's just beginning. they plan to sell memberships and charge to use the park but anyway you look at it this is a risky model for running a state park. >> we need to make sure that people don't come in and turn it into a party place and ruin it for the rest of the community. >> reporter: with a month to go before the deadline, friends of china camp appear to have raised most of money to run this place themselves. it's a minor miracle in these hard times. >> parks are a right in my sense, this is open space that people have a right to enjoy. if the government for whatever reason can't at least for a while operate these parks to fulfill that need, we're willing
9:37 pm
to step up to do it. >> there is more person relieved than that than frank. >> i think we're over the hill. you're going to see us after july 1. >> wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." >> coming up next, what could be a major blow against al-qaeda, latest on a c.i.a. drone strike
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9:41 pm
it was part of two attacks that got targets in northern pakistan. >> would it be a big blow to al-qaeda still reeling from the death of the death of osama bin laden last year. he was a rising star in the terror network. he was charismatic and fluent in several language. >> i can't confirm that. >> u.s. officials aren't confirming he was killed but a senior official tells abc news he was targeted in the last 24 hours. pakistani officials tell us he was among the 15 militants killed in a drone strike monday morning. he star starred in several videos most preaching the virtues of jihad. another showing him indoors
9:42 pm
preaching with a black taliban flag behind him. after coalition forces toppled the taliban, he was captured and spent years behind bars at a high security prison in bagram but he escaped where he talked about his time in captivity. then just last year during arab spring he appeared in another video encouraging libyans to rise up against moammar khadafy calling for an islamic state. they considered him so dangerous they put a one million dollar reward on his head. he is another example of a high ranking militant found in pakistan. now to tonga that took part in the queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee celebration. they lit the first of more than 4,000 beacons.
9:43 pm
australia quickly followed suit. >> in london, rock and roll put on a show to mark the 60th year reign. ♪ >> paul mccartney, elton john, few of the many musicians to perform. the queen attended part of the concert and appeared to be wearing earplugs. it was followed by a fireworks display and then he lit some of the beacons. many gathered outside the soldout concert. >> i was here with the 50th for all the celebration. this is going to be even better. >> the queen because she has reigned for 60 years so enjoy it. >> prince philip missed the celebration, he is in the hospital suffering from a bladder infection.
9:44 pm
he turns 91 this weekend. the prince and queen have been married for nearly 65 years. we have the photograph of the two of them on the honeymoon, she was 21 and he was 26. in the same pose, talk about an enduring couple. fantastic. sometimes a little bit of rain can be a big deal. up next, we'll be right back on [ male announcer ] what if we told you the 100% electric nissan leaf was the perfect car for you... that you can charge it at home like your smartphone... that you'll never have to buy another tank of gas? [ brian ] really looking forward to not having to put 75 bucks in the tank twice a week just to go back and forth to work. [ shannon ] i have absolutely no idea
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9:48 pm
free. they say the ferry is the reason she moved to the east bay. >> i got relocated from new york and i loved alameda but i hate long commutes. i found out the ferry was coming in, i said alameda. >> today's ribbon-cutting ceremony drew several bay area dignitaries including jackie speier. service is expected to draw 100,000 passengers each year. gliding along on the ferry. today's rain caught people off guard. tourists visiting the bay area may have been expecting summer but got winter instead. they had to spring into action quickly, using the tarp. the crew got the huge tarp on the infield for today's game with the cubs. >> you feel like a horse?
9:49 pm
>> oh, yeah. you need everybody on hand to make it happen. >> that is not easy. earlier we were talking to spencer christian and in french, our crack staff has researched, it is. >> a few spots of moisture. we are mainly dry and interesting event to view in the sky. the transit of venus and it appears to be a small black dot moving across the sun. it will all end on sunset. do not view this directly looking at the sun, use the proper instruments. breezy tomorrow but pleasant and dry. milder to warm, thursday and
9:50 pm
then friday and saturday it cools down under breezy conditions but no rain in sight, sunday and monday -- what is that? it's beautiful. >> it's welsh. >> mike shumann is to do the entire sportscast in another language. >> james hahn had
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9:53 pm
i want to update you on breaking news at the top of this newscast. there is a standoff in oakland and lilian kim joins us live at
9:54 pm
the scene. what is happening? >> reporter: we're in oakland and this as close we can get. the suspect is holed up a few blocks from here. it all begin when a deputy was investigating a suspected stolen car. the driver of the car shot at the deputy. he missed and ran and is holed inside a building on jensen and hyde street. the off-ramp is closed. they have closed off a wide area to protect bystanders from getting hurt. that is why we are far away from the scene. we will have more information at 11:00. lilian kim, "abc 7 news." >> thank you very much. we'll see you at 11:00. let's get to mike shumann. >> too bad the giants can't play all their games at home.
9:55 pm
little giants in the house today. chicago gets vogelsong with a pair in the bottom half. brandon crawford, crawford a double play ball. he forgets it's one out and not two. that is embarrassing. and terry with the game on the play. and bases loaded. he grounds into the double play but posey would be the game winning run. 3-2 victory. three in back of the dodgers. here is vogelsong. >> catch it in the hand out of air and throw it in one motion. to me it sealed the game for us. >> and raleigh fingers, what a
9:56 pm
game. first play rangers, brandon inge with a three-run homer. he bats again. knocks in eight runs in the inning. major support for him. hamilton swinging in the fourth. parker takes a no-hitter into the eighth, facing michael young and up the middle. that was the only hit he allowed. 12-1 the final. all right. pree game three. stanley cup. great passing. williams to brown and 2-0. in the third. williams hesitation fires knocks in the rebound. they get new jersey 4-0.
9:57 pm
>> tim duncan enjoying game five in the western conference finals. change of guard on the court. here is an alley-oop. johnson, two-point game, ten seconds left. ginobili, 103 the final. first road win. >> and 36 holes, u.s. open, they vieg vied for 58 spots. >> the opportunity, you never know, it's a once in a lifetime deal to be in the u.s. open. >> it's nice to give us a little exemption. >> but unfortunately he had a
9:58 pm
bull ging disk in his back and he couldn't finish 36 holes. but riding an exhausting wave. he won his first nationwide event in raleigh. >> you shoot a six under. being young i think helped him. >> and being stupid not knowing, but i got and playing and land here at sfo at 1:00. we got three hours of sleep and woke up and hit a couple of balls and went out. i'm just running on adrenalin right now. >> he remembers the adrenalin rush of 14 years ago. he held on to it. jansen is just like 790 players trying to earn a spot. >> the only way i'm going to get in is to qualify. it would be crazy to want to play and at least not try to
9:59 pm
qualify. it's special because it's olympics, one of the courses i really love. first time i played it when i was 16 years old. all i could say i would like to be here any year but this year especially. >> giants got rained out at memphis. mike allen, he holds the record with a 61 and grew up playing at the picked club. great story with james flying in from north carolina, probably helped he didn't have to think about it. >> he is too zblung that is it for this edition. don't forget we'll have the latest in one hour on the standoff situation with police in oakland. for all of us here, thanks for watching. we hope to see you in one hour on channel 7 at 11:00. have a good night.


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